Alumnus Brad Hawkins Elected to Washington State House

Brad Hawkins with Family
March 01, 2013

Brad Hawkins, MPA ’01, recently won election to the Washington State House of Representatives. Hawkins represents Olympia and the 12th legislative district. Previously, Hawkins worked as a policy analyst at the Douglas County public utility district. He unseated incumbent Mike Armstrong in last November’s election. Hawkins commented to The Wenatchee World, “They looked at my qualifications and compared us. They took a look at who’s the best person to represent our district for our future.” Hawkins added that he was “straight-forward with voters. I told them what I thought was right, whether they wanted to hear it or not, and I think they responded to that.” Thanking his supporters, he credited them with his victory, “We’ve worked really hard. It’s not me, it’s the supporters who’ve spent so much of their time and resources helping us with the campaign.”