Alumni Prepare Students for Interviews

by Danny Walker, MPP '16
April 15, 2015

The interview with a potential employer is a critical step in the job process, but it can sometimes be a daunting one, as well.

In March, the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration’s Career Services launched a Mock Interview program to give Trachtenberg School students the opportunity to practice these conversations with supportive professionals. The event paired participants with Trachtenberg School alumni, who conducted 30-minute interviews and then provided participants 15 minutes of feedback and advice. Interviewers also often had ties to their participants’ fields of interest, which allowed for targeted pointers.

Miguel Torhton Granados, MPP '16, said that, especially as an international student, he found the mock interview quite useful.

"The experience allowed me to better understand the characteristics of the interviewing process in the United States," Granados said. "My interviewers provided me with meaningful feedback, as well as their helpful perspectives for the professional development of an international student."

While this is the program’s first semester, Denise Riebman, Director of Career Development and Alumni Services, said that alumni support was tremendous.

“The program offered students and alumni an opportunity to connect, learn and give back,” Riebman said. “The strong response from alumni to volunteer their time and insights exemplifies how the Trachtenberg School network has an ongoing impact. Student feedback across the board showed that participants valued this professional development opportunity.”

Alumni who would like to volunteer for future mock interview events should contact Denise Riebman ([email protected]) to sign up.