Alumni Ambassadors

Many Trachtenberg School alumni enjoy talking with prospective students regarding their experience in the school, how they utilize their degrees today and ways they navigated student life in Washington, D.C. If you would like to be connected with someone from our Alumni Ambassador list, please email [email protected].

Sample of Alumni Ambassadors: 

"The capstone project allows Trachtenberg students to use what they learned in the classroom and apply it to a real world situation. And potential employers are always eager to learn more about capstone projects during interviews."

– Michael Jarrett
Associate, ICF International
Washington, D.C.
MPP 2014 | Concentration: Energy & Environment


"The one thing that surprised me about the program was the focus on cross-sectorial relations, so how government works with non-profits and business to provide services to citizens. I would recommend the program because of the important of building community. I formed close relationships with many of my fellow students that I have maintained for years."

– Matthew Konjoian
Membership and Marketing Specialist, American Public Power Association
Arlington, VA
MPA 2008 | Concentration: Nonprofit Management


"Only at the Trachtenberg School do you receive a high quality education, access to government, and meaningful career opportunities all in one place."

– Brandon Lardy
Research Associate, Partnership for Public Service
Washington, D.C. 
MPP 2015 | Concentration: Social Policy


"I left the Trachtenberg School with a better understanding of what I want from my career and the tools to make it happen."

– Briana Martenies
Director of External Relations, Robert E. Kennedy Library, California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, CA
MPA 2013 | Concentration: Nonprofit Management


"I recommend the Trachtenberg School because it provided me with great professors and an alumni network in Washington, D.C."

– Matias Obludzyner
Communications Officer, IFC: International Finance Corporation
Washington, DC
MPA 2009 | Concentration: Public Communication



"I'd recommend Trachtenberg because of the flexibility, and student-focused approach of the professors and administrators."

– Jeff Raderstrong
Senior Associate, Living Cities
New York, NY
MPA 2015 | Concentration: Cross-Sector Collaboration



"As a full-time student with a full-time job that required frequent travel, I was pleasantly surprised by the extent to which my professors allowed me to bring lessons from my job into the classroom and vice versa."

– Isaac Rowlett
Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting LLP
Arlington, VA
MPA 2015 | Concentration: Change Leadership & Collaborative Governance


"The passion of everyone involved at the Trachtenberg School is apparent – from students to professors to staff – everyone is dedicated to the mission of the school and to their commitment to work in the public or policy sector."

– Carrie Warick
Director of Partnerships and Policy, National College Access Network
Washington, DC
MPP 2008 | Concentration: Education


"The Trachtenberg School did a great job of balancing education in the traditional sense of teaching skills and knowledge and education in the practical sense of providing hands-on opportunities to learn from experts in the field."

– Bill Winfrey
Social Science Research Analyst at Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Innovation Center
Washington, D.C.
MPP 2014 | Concentration: Public Health Policy