Affiliated Faculty Member Amit Ronen Quoted in L.A. Times

January 14, 2014

Amit Ronen, Director of the GW Solar Institute and affiliated faculty member of the Trachtenberg School, was quoted in the Los Angeles Times on the recent slowdown in development of large-scale solar power plants. 

“I would say we are in an assessment period,” he said, attributing the dearth of projects to a lack of financing since the Great Recession, as well as the ambiguous future of tax incentives for solar production. “Nobody’s going to break ground on any big new solar projects right now — utilities want to see how farms coming online this year fit into the grid, and developers are waiting for more certainty about state policies and federal tax credits.” 

Ronen is referring, in part, to the investment tax credit, which is scheduled to decrease from 30% to 10% in 2016, making developers wary about investing in major projects before the tax credit’s future is more secure.  Ronen also implicates solar plants’ uncertain future in the electric grid, which has witnessed a steadily growing infusion of small-scale, rooftop-generated solar power in their place.

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