Academic Advising for MPA and MPP Students

The faculty of the Trachtenberg School are available to help students pick classes to get the most out of their experience.  Academic advising in the Trachtenberg School has three parts:

Part I: When you enroll and before you declare a field of concentration, the Trachtenberg School Core Advising Teams can help you choose and plan your core classes.

Part II: When you are ready to choose a field of study, complete the online Field of Study Declaration Form, preferably during your first year.

Part III: Once you fill out the Field of Study Declaration Form, you will automatically be assigned to the relevant Field Advising Teams for the field (or the most closely related field if designing your own) for the duration of your MPA or MPP program.  

Please note: Students earning an MA-ENRP will have Dr. Peter Linquiti as their advisor for the duration of their program. Additionally, students in the MA-ENRP, do not pick a field of study.

Core Advising Teams

The core advising teams of the Trachtenberg School are here to help students plan their core classes.  Please get in touch with the appropriate adviser if you have questions.

MPA Core Advisors

MPP Core Advisors

Field Advising Teams